Rauda Alkaabi

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Arabic, English, Korean

Core competencies

  • Lateral epicondylitis
  • Ankle rehabilitation
  • LBP and neck pathologies
  • Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder
  • Balance and proprioception re-education 


Rauda Alkaabi is a 2021 FCHS Physiotherapy programme graduate, with a broad clinical training background of more than one year in variable physiotherapy departments including: paediatrics, musculoskeletal (MSK), neurological rehabilitation, medical wards, post-operation wards, ICU wards, and long-term respiratory care. In 2020, Rauda, alongside her colleagues, completed a systematic review with a meta-analysis on the over-use injury: Lateral Epicondylitis, which makes it one of her strong suits in treating MSK disorders. Her number one rule in treating patients is to always ensure their comfort/safety during therapy, prioritising their goals throughout the rehabilitative process. Educating patients on their disorders, pain management, tailor-made home exercise programme according to patient’s needs, and daily life modifications is part of what adds value to the patient’s experience during her sessions and makes Rauda an excellent communicator. She always strives to continue learning and treat patients with the most recent and reliable physical therapy protocols.


Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine Bachelor’s degree


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