Caroline Rydmarker Dr.

General Surgery
English, Swedish and German

Core competencies

  • Proctology (fissures, haemorrhoids, fistulas, skin tags)
  • Hernias
  • Pelvic floor disorders (constipation, incontinence)
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Gallbladder related problems
  • Upper GI endoscopies
  • Pilonidal sinus
  • Skin marks, moles
  • Trauma surgery and acute surgery 


Dr. Caroline Rydmarker is a driven general surgeon with experience and education gained in prestigious institutions around the world. She has 14 years of clinical experience from various countries with her major training having taken place in Sweden. She finished her speciality training in General Surgery 2013 in Sweden, where she has also served in a variety of facilities, from small rural hospitals to large university hospitals.

During her years as a surgeon, Dr. Caroline has worked internationally and joined several different surgical clinics and hospitals for professional development and education in Norway (plastic surgery), Trauma Surgery in São Paolo, Brazil (Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade de São Paulo) Cape Town (The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital) and Johannesburg in South Africa, General Surgery in Sembel Hospital in Asmara, Eritrea and University Hospital of Ismailia, Egypt. Many years as a “flying doctor” with Falck Global Assistance and also time in the Swedish Military has given her a very broad experience. A couple of years ago she starred in a health tv-series for Swedish National Television.

Before joining Mediclinic Dr. Caroline established a new state-of-the-art private international speciality hospital in the Maldives, with a focus on surgical departments, on one of the main islands, and also performed clinical work with complex investigations and procedures.

She has a renowned ability for conducting training sessions and educating medical students and junior doctors. Dr. Caroline served as the Director of Studies for surgical interns, in Sodra Alvsborgs Hospital and also Kungalvs Hospital, Sweden. She has developed special interests in Trauma Surgery and Acute Care Surgery, in which she utilises in her role as an ATLS instructor in trauma courses for peers.

Dr. Caroline values high ethical standards, new ideas and dedication to “best practices” in all areas of expertise.

She is a member of the Swedish Surgical Society, the Swedish Trauma Association and is also an associate Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.




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