Chadia Beaini Dr.

Nephrology / Dialysis
French, Arabic, English

Core competencies

  • Acute and chronic kidney disease
  • Hypertension (acute and chronic)
  • Kidney transplantation
  • Dialysis: Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
  • Auto-immune and glomerular disease
  • Care of nephrology patients in ICU
  • Kidney stones


Dr. Beaini graduated as a nephrologist from the Saint-Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon. She complemented it with a one year fellowship at the Nephrology Department at Bichat Claude Bernard Hospital in Paris, where she gained experience in glomerular disease and peritoneal dialysis, then one year at Saint Louis Hospital, Paris, where she specialised in high risk kidney transplantation. She returned to Lebanon and gained almost nine years of experience in all aspects of Nephrology. During these years, she was the head of the Nephrology Department at Bellevue Medical Center and responsible for the hemodialysis unit. She has extensive expertise in management of glomerular and auto-immune diseases, primary and secondary hypertension, acute and chronic kidney disease, end stage kidney disease including treatment by dialysis (haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis), kidney transplantation: immediate pre transplant evaluation, post-transplant follow up, acute and chronic post-transplant complications and immunosuppression. Also, Dr Beaini has specialised diplomas in hypertension, peritoneal disease, care of critical care nephrology patients and auto-immune kidney diseases. She has many publications, a master of science and a master degree in health and hospital management. Above all, she has a large experience in person centred care.


Member of the European Society of Nephrology
Member of the Lebanese Society of Nephrology,
Member of the European Society of Organ Transplantation


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