Veronica Grassi Dr.

Breast Surgery
English, Italian, French

Core competencies

  • Breast cancer surgery
  • Breast diseases, breast screening
  • Oncoplastic breast reconstruction with special interest in  breast conservation using oncoplastic and mammoplasty techniques
  • All aspects of symptomatic benign and malignant
  • Sentinel node surgery and all modalities of breast surgery and in cooperating all oncoplastic techniques.
  • Immediate and delayed breast reconstruction except microvascular procedures
  • General surgical lumps and bumps and minor anorectal disease
  • Prophylactic breast surgery and immediate breast reconstruction
  • Management and treatment of familiar breast cancer
  • Oncoplastic breast reconstruction with special interest in  breast conservation using oncoplastic and mammoplasty techniques


Italian, British
Dr. Grassi is a Consultant Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgeon who has practised in the NHS and in the private sector. Prior to joining Mediclinic she was a substantive Consultant and Clinical Lead of the Breast Surgery Unit at Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust. She is a board certified Oncoplastic Breast surgeon with 15 years' experience and over 5000 operations performed. Her passion for innovation and progress of research in the field and her wish to always be updated with the most recent procedures have resulted in a high level of expertise in her field.
Dr. Grassi graduated and obtained her speciality in General Surgery at the prestigious University of Milan. During her training she spent time at the CHBT in Guadeloupe and Hopital Jean Verdier in Paris, as well as training in some of the best hospitals in Italy (National Institute of Cancer, Policlinico di Milano, Modena liver transplant centre). After moving to the UK in 2009, Veronica continued her training in Oncoplastic, attending hospitals such as Guy's and St Thomas, Broomfield and Queen Elizabeth In Birmingham and Burton where she obtained the fellowship in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery (OBS). She became a Consultant in OBS in 2014 at King's College Hospital, before moving to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in 2016. Her training and career path allowed her to gain a vast experience and to develop excellent surgical skills building on her innate dexterity. Throughout her career Veronica has maintained a keen curiosity and open mind in order to offer to her patients the latest and best treatment. She always compares her practice with the best professionals around the world; visiting international centres and exchanging skills and knowledge with her peers. She regularly attends national and international meetings and conferences. She has a keen interest in teaching and innovation and enjoys clinical research, with published articles in peer reviewed journal and national and international presentation.
Dr. Grassi follows her patient throughout the whole journey from the diagnosis to the discussion of the best options and regular follow up when required. She offers her patients a collaborative approach, putting each patient at ease and giving them the knowledge to choose the best and safest surgical procedures that minimise the physical and psychological impact of the disease. She is particularly interested in breast conserving surgery. She also offers breast lipomodelling, a technique which she implemented while in France at the Institute du Sein.
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