Kameela Fortune

English, Afrikaans

Core competencies

  • Neurology and general medicine
  • Stroke
  • Adult and child head injuries
  • Adults and child tumours
  • Adults and child spinal cord injuries
  • Adults and child space occupying lesions
  • Other encephalopathies                   
  • Neuropathies               
  • Degnerative diseases (MS, ALS etc.)                      
  • Parkinson's disease                 
  • Musclular Dystrophy 
  • Ataxia GBS meningitis
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Myasthenia Gravis
  • Quadriparesis 
  • Cognitive deficits relating to above conditions
  • Visual deficits relating to above conditions         
  • Arthritis


South African
Before joining Mediclinic City Hospital, Ms. Kameela Fortune worked for 10 years at a tertiary hospital in South Africa, focusing on the occupational therapy service in some of the specialised units such as the Neurosurgical ward, Burns unit, MDR-TB unit and Medical unit. Her main focus has always been neurology, specifically head injury trauma, which is where her passion lies.

Ms. Fortune always strives to improve her knowledge and skills in this area, and has additional specialised training in the management and handling of stroke and head injury patients (Bobath). Her treatment approach is all encompassing including addressing cognition and visual deficits. Ms. Fortune has extensive experience in wheelchair seating and positioning. She has worked with the construction and application of thermoplastic splints in addition to other assistive devices.




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