The ENT department deals with all diseases of the nose, sinuses, throat, larynx and ears. It tackles the most complex conditions both medically and surgically, if required Services Include:

Management of common ENT disorders: 

  • Flexible endoscopy of nose, pharynx and larynx with or without biopsy.
  • Removal of foreign body from ear, nose & throat.
  • Treatment of dizziness and vertigo, (Epley Maneuver).
  • Tympanometry and Audiometry.
  • Removal of impacted cerumen from the ear.
  • Release of tongue tie.
  • Incision of peritonsillar abscess.
  • Direct and indirect laryngoscopy.
  • Treatment of epistaxis (Chemical cautery, anterior & posterior nasal pack).
  • Reduction of nasal bone fracture.
  • Incision & drainage of septal abscess and hematoma.
  • Treatment of snoring & sleep apnea.
  • Performing all ENT surgical procedures.