Breast Cancer Patient Testimonial: 19 Feb 2021

I had breast implants done in 2018 and unfortunately, or maybe it was fortunately, I got capsular contracture. My plastic surgeon decided to change the implant and advised me to go for a check-up with Dr. Alex who he informed me was the best ultrasound specialist in Dubai. Also I found one small bump under my arm which I wanted to mention. Before meeting Dr. Alex I had to consult with Dr. Khan - she checked me over and immediately sent me to Dr. Alex. Dr. Alex immediately told me she didn't like this bump and advised me to do a biopsy test. We did the test and I had to wait for the result for couple of days. I was 100% sure that I have nothing serious as I have no family history of cancer, I have a healthy life style, I maintain my weight to 52kg always, I eat balanced food, I do sport etc.

After two days Mediclinic called me to come to meet my doctor. I was still sure there is nothing serious. I came and met my doctor and then she told me unfortunately I have cancer, but fortunately it’s early stage.  It was a shock for me and I was crying and couldn't stop for hours. I was thinking my life is finished I'm going to die. Then I met Dr. Annette and she calmed me down and explained that my cancer is not dangerous and it’s very early stage and I don't need even chemotherapy.  To make sure she sent me for a CT scan and in the CT scan they found a second hidden cancer and it was a real shock.

So after that I met Dr. Shaheena, Oncologist.  She explained to me in detail the protocol of my treatment. But still I was hesitating and went to Cleveland Hospital for a second opinion. I also met very nice doctors in Cleveland and had to make a choice where to be treated.  My heart was with Mediclinic - I was impressed by approach of Dr Annette, Dr. Shaheena and Dr. Alex. So I became a patient of Mediclinic and have no regrets. 

Unfortunately my chemotherapy started at the same time as the pandemic time and lock down.  I had lots of fears about getting infected but Gladys from the chemo department was helping me a lot with advice and tips, she has huge experience and was sharing good advice. She was keeping the chemo department in a really clean and hygienic way during the pandemic. I was paranoid from the coronavirus but in the chemo department I could feel safe thanks to supervision of Gladys.

My nurse Jane is a very experienced and sweet girl. During chemo treatment I was very sensitive as my immune system was down and I was so afraid of viruses and psychologically it was difficult to handle, but Dr. Katie helped me in this and with antidepresants and sleeping pills my psychological part became much better.

So my chemotherapy went well thanks to the professional team of Mediclinic and my surgery of mastectomy went very well thanks to Dr. Annette and reconstructive surgery went very well thanks to Dr. Poonam.  She made my breast look almost natural. 

I'm still under the antibody treatment now. But I already feel very well. 

There is a saying "doctors are the second after the God". I agree with that.

I'm really thankful to all the doctors of Mediclinic, they are professionals. All of them are not only professional, they have nice hearts. 

Dr. Anette is sweet and has very good sense of humur. 

Dr. Shaheena gives her patients chocolates at each visit and always gives warm hugs. Which is important for us.

Dr. Alex is very sweet and her department is full of her paintings, it’s really amazing she is not only a talented doctor but also a talented artist.

Dr. Rakhi is also a very good and very helpful doctor, she was always there for me.

Gladys is keeping the chemo department in super 5 star hotel shape. 

Dr. Katie and Dr. Nadia were helping a lot for my psychological part.

I'm so thankful to all the doctors of Mediclinic, they are all in my prayers.

My life is totally changed after all that happened to me. I start appreciating many things. 

My husband is supporting me a lot, every morning he is forcing me to do exercises and we swim every morning. 

I love life, I enjoy my life more than before.  It’s all thanks to team of Mediclinic.

Mediclinic management has to be proud to have such doctors on their ream. Bravo to Mediclinic to keep such a standard.