The Breast Centre at the Comprehensive Cancer Centre is the first truly specialised unit for the treatment of breast cancer, and other breast diseases, in the UAE.

What makes our breast centre different?

At the heart of any reputable breast cancer unit is the multidisciplinary team formed by specialists from all the different areas involved in breast cancer detection and treatment.

Every member of the team is trained in the treatment of breast disease, primarily breast cancer. When it comes to treating cancer we know that doctors who specialise in one particular cancer and see many patients a year, achieve much better results than doctors who only treat a few cases a year.

Only because of this specialist-approach can the team offer what is called multi-modality therapy, since more than one mode of treatment is normally needed when it comes to breast cancer. A multidisciplinary team offering multi-modality therapy is now universally accepted as the gold standard of care for treating breast disease and now for the first time it is available in Dubai.

The patient is at the heart of everything that we do at Mediclinic City Hospital’s breast cancer centre and we believe that our patients should experience nothing less than an exceptional level of medical care.

The multidisciplinary meeting

Every case of breast cancer treated at Mediclinic City Hospital is discussed by the multidisciplinary team at a meeting which takes place behind the scenes. The team then gives a consensus decision and plan of action to the patient: because all the advice we give is based on real and scientific evidence and studies, this should be exactly the same treatment and advice that you will be offered in any leading breast cancer centre in the world.

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Triple assessment

Triple asessment is the name given to the routine that breast cancer specialists use when they are making a diagnosis of breast cancer. The Triple Assessment, as the name implies, has three parts: clinical examination, imaging (mammography and ultrasound) and pathology.

Once a problem has been identified in the breast on clinical examination and/or imaging, a biopsy or tissue sampling is done with a hollow needle. The needle cuts and takes a core of tissue out of the lump as it passes through it. This is termed a core biopsy and, performed under local anaesthetic, is done with ultrasound or mammographically. The core biopsy is an accurate way of removing tissue samples from the breast, as the radiologist can visualise exactly where the needle is placed. The procedure is minimally invasive and allows the pathologist to receive an adequate amount of tissue to make an accurate diagnosis.

Only once the team has discussed all aspects of the triple assessment, is a plan put together regarding the management of your treatment. The breast surgeon consults with you and provides you with all the facts, enabling you to make an informed decision about your preferred treatment pathway.

  • All-woman team
  • Multicultural, speaking a variety of languages including Arabic, English, Urdu and Mandarin
  • Tumour board meetings (discussing treatment pathways for all our patients)
  • Same day breast imaging appointments for urgent cases
  • Sophisticated imaging and surgical procedures
  • Dedicated breast care nurse