August marks back to school season!

Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital makes going back to school easy by providing comprehensive medical services for your children.

What health checks should my child undergo before the start of the school year?

No matter what grade your child will be in school, there is a yearly back to school check list to follow as recommended by international child health organisations. Your paediatrician plays a vital role in coordinating this.

Your child’s paediatrician will do a comprehensive physical exam, assess the developmental readiness of your child for school, undertake a nutritional assessment, and conduct a growth evaluation which includes height, weight and body mass index.

In addition to the physical exam, there are recommended comprehensive back to school investigations such as:

Paediatric and paediatric subspecialities

Our paediatricians and paediatric subspecialists help diagnose, manage and treat a wide range of conditions. To learn more

Eye exam
Does your child rub his or her eyes while reading or watching television or suffer from headaches? Regular eye exams are recommended to reduce the risk of undetected eye health issues. To learn more


Cavities and tooth decay are common among children. Schedule regular dental exams every six months to improve your child’s overall dental health. To learn more


Help protect your child from diseases such as measles, tetanus, chicken pox and annual flu. Stay up to date with vaccines and booster shots. If your child is missing any vaccinations your paediatrician will recommend giving it to your child. Please create a landing page and upload the below content accordingly

Childhood Vaccinations

At Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital we provide vaccinations to protect children against serious diseases and illnesses. For baby and childhood immunisation programmes, it is best to consult with one of our paediatricians. We recommend vaccines to be taken on time to give you the best possible protection.
The vaccination clinic at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital is open six days a week, from 9am to 8pm. Parents can bring their little ones without fear to a safe and child-friendly environment, and provide them with the best protection against serious illnesses.

Vaccines for children
Depending on the age of your child, we provide the following vaccines:
Chicken pox
Haemophilus Influenza Type B
Hepatitis B
Influenza A&B
*Subject to availability
For Appointments please call 8002000

PCR Testing
We provide PCR testing for COVID-19. To learn more

Additional service include:

Mediclinic Middle East’s telemedicine service provides assistance to patients during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond. Patients can consult with their favourite doctor via video call. To learn more

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