Mediclinic Middle East is a Star cranial centre of excellence. Mediclinic is the only healthcare provider in the Middle East to offer the STARscanner Laser Data Acquisition System to its referral sources and patients. This highly specialised, non-invasive screening tool allows clinicians to analyse and quantify paediatric cranial deformity.

 The STARscanner safely collects surface data of the paediatric head and provides comparative maps of the shape, as well as cross-sectional slice comparisons. For the first time, clinicians in the region have quantitative information that can be used to support positive clinical treatment and track outcomes of cranial remolding. This has proven an indispensible tool to physicians, therapists, caregivers, orthotists and insurance companies.

As this is an extremely specialised area, two separate information packages are available for people interested in more details. This is specifically for parents whoare concerned about their baby’s abnormal head shapes, and physicians wanting to get the latest evidence based information on the management of paediatric head deformity.

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