The Neonatal Intensive care Unit (NICU) at Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital is a tertiary neonatal unit and provides comprehensive services for babies born at or above 26 weeks of gestation (GA).

This includes both medical and surgical care. The unit is staffed with qualified physicians and clinicians who share the care of your baby with you in a family orientated, friendly environment. Our care is up-to-date and follows integrated western standards care pathways and evidence based practice. Equipment is continuously upgraded to ensure that our tiny patients receive the best of care. The unit is currently designed to care for a total of nine neonatal intensive care cots. These includes two isolation rooms for admission of babies who present from the community.

Highlights of our service include:

  • Involvement of parents in the care of their babies with thorough direct communication, and active daily participation.  The concept of developmental care is at the heart of our practice
  • Ability to meets the needs of the most vulnerable newborn, including support of breathing and complex respiratory needs, with high-tech breathing systems and advanced monitoring
  • Total body cooling for babies who suffer from oxygen deprivation during birth. 
  • A paediatric surgical team led by consultants in paediatric surgery and paediatric urology with extensive experience in neonatal surgery for congenital anomalies and neonatal conditions
  • A highly qualified and trained neonatal nursing team
  • Coordinated breast feeding support to give babies the very best start in life, along with total parenteral nutrition (TPN) to support babies who are initially too sick to be fed normally
  • Strict infection control standards which help us and the babies to prevent infection and to thrive in a healthy environment
  • 24/7 cover of the neonatal and delivery unit by experienced specialists who are dedicated to neonatal care

Our Activities include: 

  • Comprehensive package for well babies which includes a thorough newborn assessment, vaccination, painless screening for jaundice, screening for critical heart conditions, hearing screening and newborn blood spot screening
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilatory support
  • Total body cooling (therapeutic hypothermia)
  • Continuous cardiorespiratory monitoring
  • Fetal medicine consultation with diagnostic, intervention and counselling services
  • In-house echocardiogram and cardiac consultation by a paediatric cardiologist
  • In-house brain waves activity recording (EEG) and consultation by a paediatric neurology consultant
  • In-house brain ultrasound, CT and MRI scans.
  • In-house consultations from paediatric endocrinology, gastroenterology and allergy specialist 
  • Total parenteral nutrition.
  • Parental education 
  • Follow up through a designated baby clinic