Physiotherapy is an autonomous healthcare profession which deals with human movement and function. It aims to maximise patient potential and return to normal function following ill health, trauma or disability due to other reasons.

It is a scientific method of therapeutic techniques to help recovery of muscles and joints and rehabilitate them after illness, surgery and injuries. Physiotherapy helps you rebuild strength, restore your mobility, flexibility and function.  It can support you back to full fitness or a more active life.

Physiotherapy services at Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital encompass all of the above within an inpatient and outpatient envioronment. Our aim is to restore of the patient's function, activity and independence as well as to prevent further injury / illness and return to everyday life with the least discomfort or restrictions.

Our physiotherapy service offers a positive approach to treatment planning and goal setting, encouraging patient involvement in their own care, to help them achieve treatment goals. Through inter-professional working we aim to ensure an efficient and safe journey with the best possible patient outcome.

Our expert Physiotherapy team brings the best from the field of physiotherapy for all age ranges. Our treatment combines evidence-based principles and a strong commitment to quality care and individually tailored rehabilitation programmes for every patient.

Physiotherapy services

  • Therapeutic pain management
  • Orthopaedic and sports physiotherapy
  • Neurological physiotherapy
  • Cardio-respiratory physiotherapy and pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Paediatric physiotherapy
  • Women’s health physiotherapy
  • Rheumatology pain management
  • Sports injury management and rehabilitation
  • Kinesio - tape Interventions
  • Gait analysis - educational interventions
  • Pre and post op care/rehabilitation
  • Functional movement analysis
  • Osteopathic manipulation therapy
  • Cupping therapy (dry / wet)
  • Trigger point release therapy
  • Dry needling therapy
  • Therapeutic exercise therapy Interventions
  • Therapeutic electro therapy interventions
  • Strength and conditioning programme
  • Posture and ergonomic evaluations and educational interventions
  • Repetitive strain injury management and prevention educations

Working Hours: 8am to 9pm – Saturday to Thursday

Physiotherapy Front Desk: + 971 26139411