Conditions treated by the Orthopaedics department at Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital include:

1-Investtigating and treating joint diseases of the knees, hips, feet, hands, elbows and shoulders including back and neck problems .

2- Investigating bone disease, fragile and weak bones and muscles

3- Investigating and treating osteoporosis and Vit D problem in adults and children

4- Treating fractures, sprained joints, bones and joint deformities as well as abnormalities of the hands and feet 

5 Treating and investigating muscles and tendons in the lower and upper limbs including  fractured hips, ankles, hands and shoulders for both children and adults,  including sports injuries

6-Surgical and non-surgical treatment of children’s fractures and abnormalities

7- Minimally invasive knee and hip joint replacements including revisions with small scars

Walk-in patients can be accommodated and the department accepts referrals for trauma patients and from the Emergency department.  All plastering, casting and minor suturing can be done within the department, with more serious cases transferred to the operating theatre.