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An exceptional client experience is not just about providing quality care.  At Mediclinic Middle East we want to empower staff to be able to communicate effectively and sensitively with our clients, to assess situations and deal with possible issues before they become a real problem, to work cohesively within a team to ensure a seamless healthcare journey, and to build constructive relationships with clients and colleagues to positively influence our clients’ expectations and perceptions.

A wide range of training courses are available to you to help you achieve these objectives.  Click on the training course tab below to find out more.

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We Are One

This program focuses on identifying and understanding company core values, practicing critical behaviors associated with each value, and fostering a strong sense of belonging among employees.

4 hours

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I am the Patient Experience

This program emphasizes a holistic approach to the patient experience, showcasing the importance of active participation within a team to ensure a seamless healthcare journey. Through targeted learning objectives, participants will identify core values and associated critical behaviors, practice these behaviors, and promote a sense of belongingness among healthcare professionals.

4 hours

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Managing Client Experience

This program instills a sense of ownership by fostering an understanding that participants are responsible for shaping and enhancing the client's journey. Participants will learn to build positive relationships with clients and colleagues alike, identifying and committing to behavioral objectives that positively influence client expectations.

8 hours

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Empathy in the Workplace

This program delves into the meaning of emotional intelligence, guiding participants to identify and manage personal triggers for heightened self-awareness. Through practical exercises, participants will actively practice and refine the skills associated with empathy, creating a workplace culture that values connection and understanding.

4 hours

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Active Listening

This program delves into the core of active listening, differentiating it from mere hearing. Participants will break down the steps to demonstrate active listening, constructing sincere empathy statements that enhance communication. Practical application of active listening skills to common workplace scenarios will be a key focus, ensuring participants leave with the ability to respond thoughtfully and empathetically in various professional interactions.

4 hours

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Jigsaw Discovery Tool

This unique program not only fosters in-depth self-awareness but also cultivates an understanding and tolerance of diverse working styles. Participants will explore the impact of perception in the workplace, challenging the belief that there is one singular reality. Through the Jigsaw Discovery Tool, participants will be guided through a comprehensive self-discovery process, gaining insights into different Jigsaw profiles. The program will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to work more effectively with diverse Jigsaw profiles.

4 hours

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Effective Communication

This program breaks down the intricacies of communication, guiding participants to list its components and clearly define effectiveness. By exploring different communicator types and connection strategies, participants will learn to navigate diverse communication styles.

4 hours

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Telephone Etiquette

This program delves into the components and standards of an effective telephone conversation, providing clarity on call flows and their various parts. Participants will learn and practice techniques for handling challenging telephone situations, gaining proficiency in the basic functions of an Avaya phone.

4 hours

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Business Communication

This program delves into the definition and business impact of effective business writing, guiding participants to demonstrate professionalism and proficiency through the application of Mediclinic business writing guidelines. Participants will identify and utilize written communication tools, including common functions of MS Outlook, ensuring seamless interactions with internal and external clients. Adherence to MCME policies related to written documentation, social media applications, and data management and protection will be emphasized, equipping participants to safeguard proprietary information.

4 hours

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Complaints Management

This program focuses on recognizing early indications of complaints and understanding their causes. Participants will learn techniques to diffuse difficult client emotional responses through positive phrasing, developing the essential skills required for effective complaint resolution. The AHEART technique will be explored and applied to mitigate complaints, ensuring participants are well-equipped to address challenges. Additionally, best practices for managing mental resiliency after handling complaints will be discussed, providing a holistic approach to complaint resolution.

4 hours

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Conflict Management

This program delves into the definition and analysis of common causes of conflict, as well as the effects of workplace conflict. Participants will discover and apply conflict management and resolution strategies, learning to manage emotions and engage with others constructively. The Conflict resolution approach of Thomas-Kilmann will be explored, with a focus on practicing and demonstrating effective conflict management skills and behaviors.

4 hours

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Problem Solving

This program begins by defining problems and analyzing contributing factors, enabling participants to develop the essential skills for effective problem-solving. The differentiation between reactive and proactive problem-solving approaches will be explored, along with insights into problem detection and prevention. Participants will actively apply the five steps of problem-solving to real workplace challenges.

4 hours

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