The Topics That Matter Most Right Now

We're all facing new and unprecedented challenges. Now – more than ever before – we need to support and learn from each other: at home, at work and in society as a whole.
Within the key areas below, we discuss the topics that you deem most relevant and include essential resources to guide your discussions in your own circles.

Disclaimer: This page and its contents have been created for the exclusive benefit of Mediclinic and subsidiary employees, associated health professionals and practices. This page is not intended for public consumption.

Helpline Support

For Mediclinic Middle East employees

If you suspect that you might have COVID-19 call:

Additional external support available

If you are struggling and need psychological support call:

Care for the Carer

As a healthcare worker or support employee, you're on the frontline of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic which means you're most likely putting other people's needs before your own. Below are a collection of tools and resources to help you regain balance in your life and protect your own health too.

Leaders Toolkit

Now is the time to reconsider what success looks like. During this crisis, we are redefining the way we lead, the way we approach patient care and the way we perform our daily tasks. Will things ever be the same? Learn more below.