Christian El Hajj

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Arabic, French, English

Core competencies

  • Musculoskeletal and sports injury management¬†
  • Exercise prescription
  • Education
  • Manual therapy
  • Orthopaedic pre- / post-op rehabilitation


Christian is a Lebanese trained physiotherapist, who graduated in 2014 from the Lebanese German University with a bachelor degree in Physiotherapy. He continued his education at Saint Joseph University of Beirut to get his diploma of a doctor of Physiotherapy in 2017. Prior to moving to the UAE, he had eight years of experience working in Lebanon, specialising in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, aches and pains and sporting injuries across the FLB, the Lebanese Basketball Federation for two basketball teams in the 1st division for men.

Before moving to the UAE, he was working as a Senior Physiotherapist and Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner in the FLB in Lebanon. This role gave him the opportunity to work with a complex and varied caseload and gave him extensive experience in successfully treating and dealing with patients with acute and chronic conditions including gym and post-operative rehabilitation.

He also worked at Notre Dame De Liban hospital dealing with patients with different kind of injuries and can provide detailed, tailored assessment and specific rehabilitation which can help the patient to return to daily use activities safely and efficiently.
He is competent in treating upper, lower limb and spinal problems, however his main areas of interest include the knee, shoulder and spine. He believes in taking a person-centred approach based on clinical reasoning and detailed assessment meeting the individuals goals and aspirations.


D.P.T Doctor of Physiotherapy


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