The most common injuries that occur during Crossfit are traumatic and overuse injuries of the shoulder, elbow and wrist, overuse injuries of the hip and knee and both structural and muscular injuries of the spine.

Guidance from a physiotherapist that understand the training loads of CrossFit athletes and technical aspects involved in the individual disciplines (including lifting, gymnastics, running rowing and cycling) is integral in optimising your rehabilitation following injury and performance.

Common techniques utilised by our specialist physiotherapists utilize include:

Working in conjunction with your coaches to optimise your programming and load management to allow ongoing training around your injury if possible

Guiding overall recovery strategies

Technical analysis of your lifts, running, rowing and cycling

Tailored corrective exercises to address mobility, strength and proprioceptive deficits

Local tissue treatment i.e manual therapy and taping

Our physiotherapists can work with you to assess and treat common causes of injury in Crossfit athletes and formulate a specialised and comprehensive treatment plan if you have acute injury, ongoing niggles or pain affecting your training.  Or you may purely want to optimise your training performance and recovery.  Contact your expert team of physiotherapists at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital and Mediclinic Meadows.

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