The golf clinic focuses on the physical aspects of golf performance. Our specialist team of physiotherapists utilise industry leading assessment strategies such as the TPI physical screen, to assess the player’s physical readiness to perform the golf swing with optimal efficiency.  The TPI philosophy does not believe in there being only one way to swing a club, but that there is always a most efficient way for every golfer to swing based on what the player can physically do. Furthermore, this TPI screening strategy has been trusted by 25 of the top 30 players in the official world golf rankings in professional golf today.

The TPI physical screen

The comprehensive TPI screen includes a broad assessment of a player’s movement quality swing characteristics and physical ability/fitness.

The results of the screen will give you and your certified TPI physiotherapist an objective view on the possible cause of common swing deficiencies such as early extension, sway and reverse spine angle, all of which can contribute to a slower swing seed. The TPI screen can also identify areas in the body susceptible to injury and guide you in implementing strength and conditioning strategies to reduce the risk of injuries.

Strength and conditioning specific for golf

The golf swing is a complex movement pattern that requires adequate mobility, stability power and finesse. These physical attributes need to be harnessed concurrently with immense accuracy in order to perform at the optimal level.

The TPI screen is utilised to identify areas of weakness in these parameters and assist in the formulation of a thorough strength and conditioning programme to enhance your golf performance.

The results of the TPI screen will have a direct impact on the construction of the golf specific strength and conditioning programme. These programmes include strength training for large muscle groups directly impacting the golf the golf swing, such as a push/pull/squat/hinge, polymeric exercises to increase power and speed and mobility exercises to improve flexibility and swing mechanics.

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