We have a state-of-the art intensive care unit with facilities for bedside and central monitoring of ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure or venous pressure. The unit is staffed by some of the best trained nurses and doctors and is fully equipped for artificial ventilation of patients with respiratory or cardiac failure . We also have facilities for temporary trans venous cardiac pacing and Swan-Ganz catherisation.

Inpatient rooms 
Private ward rooms also include facilities for bedside monitoring of ECG and blood oxygen saturation.

Preventative Cardiology
Risk factor profiling is done for all patients attending the department. Early detection and treatment of risk factors for heart attacks is the only method of reducing the incidence of death and disability due to heart attack in the community. Our lipid profile examining facility estimates directly all sub fractions of cholesterol and ApoA1 and ApoB, the carrier proteins for cholesterol. Similarly the serum homocysteine, one of the early correctable risk factors for heart attack and stroke, can be detected.