Maha Abdul Karim Al Dori Dr.

Aviation medicine
English, Arabic

Core competencies

  • Pre-employment medical checkup and granting fitness for major oil and governmental companies
  • Pre-assignment medical checkup and granting fitness
  • Vaccination programmes for adults, travellers, preschool and companies for medical staff
  • PCSP checkup programme¬†
  • Staff G.P medical examinations and sick leave management
  • Preschool and college medical checkup
  • EHSMS medical examination
  • Public health education and screening programmes both inside and outside the hospital including universities and governmental institutions.¬†
  • Managing the VIP clinic as primary health check and arrangement of the required referrals
  • Screening clinic During Covid 19 Pandemic
  • Return to work fitness


Commonwealth of Dominica
Dr. Maha obtained her Bachelor of Medicine from Baghdad University in 1996 and undertook a radiology training course for 14 months in 2003. She has 24 years of experience as a G.P doctor in primary health care in Al-Anbar (Iraq) prior to moving to the UAE in 2008 to work at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital She attained a diploma in occupational medicine from the RSPH 2 in 2019 and she has a membership if FOM /UK, as well as a IEESM-SAA postgraduate qualification in Aviation medicine2019 .


MBChB, Diploma of Royal Society of Public Health / UK in Occupational Medicine 2019, IAASM-SAA postgradu


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