Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital’s Breast Centre in the city of Abu Dhabi is one of the leading facilities in the city, offering cutting edge comprehensive breast care, utilising the newest techniques and the most up to date machineries.

What makes our breast centre different?

At the heart of any reputable breast cancer unit is the multidisciplinary team formed by specialists from all the different areas involved in breast cancer detection and treatment.

Every member of the team is trained in the treatment of breast disease, primarily breast cancer. When it comes to treating cancer we know that doctors who specialise in one particular cancer and see many patients a year, achieve much better results than doctors who only treat a few cases a year.

Only because of this specialist approach can the team offer what is called a cutting edge individually tailored multi-modality therapy, which is the gold standard of care for treating breast disease.

The patient is at the heart of everything that we do at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital Breast Centre and our patients will experience nothing less than an exceptional level of medical care.

The multidisciplinary meeting

Every case of breast cancer treated at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital is discussed by the multidisciplinary team of experts in breast cancer at a meeting which takes place behind the scenes, where they reach a consensus decision and plan of action for the patient.  This decision is backed up by science and International consensus decisions such as those from the NCCN (National comprehensive cancer network of the US), and the St. Gallen criteria for breast cancer, as well as many new research findings based on the most up to date literature.

Triple assessment

Triple assessment is the name given to the routine that breast care specialists use when they are making a diagnosis of breast cancer. The triple assessment, as the name implies, has three parts: clinical examination, imaging (mammography, ultrasound and perhaps MRI) and pathology.

Once a problem has been identified in the breast on clinical examination and/or imaging, these findings will be given a characteristic grade and accordingly pathology may be required, or observation. The biopsy or tissue sampling is done with a hollow needle. The needle cuts and takes a core of tissue out of the lump as it passes through it. This is termed a core biopsy and / vacuum assisted biopsy (VAB), and is performed under local anaesthetic, using ultrasound or mammographically. The core biopsy is an accurate way of removing tissue samples from the breast, as the radiologist can visualise exactly where the needle is placed. The procedure is minimally invasive and allows the pathologist to receive an adequate amount of tissue to make an accurate diagnosis.  At the same time a marker can be deployed in place to mark the biopsied area for further work up or follow up. Please rest assured this is a safe procedure and has near to no risk of spread, dissemination or aggravation of the cancer.

After completion of all investigations and staging work-up, we initiate the treatment plan depending on many factors. This plan is first discussed in our tumour board, keeping in mind that all our patients should receive treatment within 14 days of diagnosis, as per the best practice guidelines of cancer care.

Our team is made up of:

  • Surgeons
  • Radiologist
  • Medical oncologist
  • Pathologists
  • Radiation oncologists 

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