All women will go through the menopause at some time in their lives.

This commonly happens around the age of 50, but can occur prematurely before 45 years old. Menopause can also be brought on by surgery or by treatments for other conditions, such as cancer. This is a difficult time for most women, and in some cases may require specialist help.  Some women may choose treatment or need lifestyle advice.

At Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital, help comes in the form of our Menopause clinic, made up of a multi-skilled team of experts.

At Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital, we have Family Medicine Consultants and Gynaecologists leading a team of expert Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Pharmacists, all available to support women through the menopause.  We can support with diet and lifestyle advice, pelvic floor advice and psychological support for symptom management.

We believe in offering women choice and evidence-based advice, and we have a pharmacy stocked with non-hormonal and hormonal options including ‘body-identical’ HRT if this is the chosen treatment path.

We also offer individualised and multidisciplinary advice to breast cancer survivors, women with reduced libido and those who suffer from chronic conditions such as endometriosis and fibroids.