At Mediclinic City Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Centre we offer a specialised Cancer Rehabilitation programme that is dedicated to improving the strength, quality of life and sense of wellbeing of men and women diagnosed with cancer. It is specifically designed to help maximise recovery, regain physical and emotional strength, improve body confidence and control. The programme provides a full range of services designed to care, support and guide patients through every stage of their treatment and recovery.

The oncology rehab program aims to:

  • Optimise physical and functional recovery
  • Ease pain and muscular tension
  • Help regain strength and mobility
  • Increase energy levels and improve breathing
  • Strengthen core muscles and improve posture
  • Improve physical functioning and maintain independence
  • Reclaim body confidence and control
  • Reduce treatment related side effects
  • Shift focus from illness to wellness

It is suitable after any type of cancer surgery or treatment and accommodates all ages, fitness levels and mobility.

Research shows that remaining physically active is a very important component in your recovery from cancer and the effects of its treatment. Treatments for cancer typically include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and endocrine therapies. The effects of these treatments commonly cause many patients to develop unwanted side effects which can lead to significant negative impacts on quality of life.  Your cancer rehab physiotherapist can help guide and support you safely back to exercise.

Specialised physiotherapists will assess each patient individually for physical impairments and the effects of their treatment. They then work with each patient to create a rehabilitation programme to suit their particular stage in recovery.

The sessions can include a combination of services including manual physiotherapy, graduated resistance training, strategies for pain management, individualised clinical pilates, fatigue management and exercise prescription.

Your physiotherapist will help guide, support and encourage you through each phase of your treatment and recovery.   They will teach you what you can do to get stronger again and help you understand why your body is reacting to the treatments in certain ways. They will provide information to help you feel more in control of your body and life again.