You have been sent this message because you have had all or part of your treatment for breast cancer at the Mediclinic Comprehensive Cancer Centre. We know that once your main treatment is over, and your hospital appointments become fewer and farther between, you can feel a little isolated as you try to get back to normal life.

You will have had a LOT of information given to you and you may have some questions that you have only just realised you wanted to ask. Our programme is intended to give you the answers you need.

This session is intended to allow you to meet others who are in a similar situation, listen to a short presentation relating to health and wellbeing, and take part in some stimulating conversation.

The second session will be conducted by Ms. Rita Martin (Clinical Dietician) who will give talk on healthy living.

Date: 29TH Jan 2020
Location: Meeting Room , 1st Floor, Four point Sheraton Sheikh Zayed road.
Timing: 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Please rsvp by 28th Jan 2020  
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