Core competencies

  • Weight loss from paediatrics to geriatrics
  • Weight management and lifestyle changes from paediatrics to geriatrics
  • Medical nutritional therapy for the treatment of several chronic diseases, such as: metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, renal disease.
  • Medical nutritional therapy for patients with cancer undergoing on chemotherapy
  • Medical nutrition therapy for renal disease on HD (Hemodialysis)
  • Enteral nutrition
  • Parenteral nutrition
  • Nutritional management of gastrointestinal disease like IBS, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis
  • Nutritional management of post-surgical cases, ileostomies, entero fistula, nissen fundoplication, hernia repair
  • Diabetes education, management of diabetes type 1 on mdi, carb counting, insulin titration and insulin pump users, diabetes type 2 and gestational diabetes, overall all diabetes education.
  • Geriatric medical nutritional therapy
  • Health promotion and awareness


Rita holds a Master’s Degree in Dietetics from the University of the Algarve, Portugal. Before taking her Master’s in Dietetics Rita also studied Food Engineering at the same University. In 2021 Rita enrolled in a Diabetes Educator Course from Imperial College London- Diabetes Centre in Abu Dhabi.
Rita moved to Dubai in 2012 to work as a clinical dietitian. Prior to this she was working as a clinical dietitian in her home country, Portugal.
Her area of expertise is developing tailored dietary approaches/nutritional care plans in a clinical setting for the treatment of several conditions such as: diabetes type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, renal disease, gastro conditions such IBS (development of low FODMAP diets) gluten free diets, food elimination diets, patients undergoing on oncology treatments that require special nutrition therapy, obesity, malnutrition, enteral and parenteral nutrition and geriatric nutrition.
Her field of interest is on the treatment of obesity (weight lost and weight maintenance) that requires tailored/customised diet plans or approaches for weight loss such as using weight loss medications or surgery, which involve referring patients to other specialities to help them to achieve their goals.
Rita is also SCOPE certified in obesity by the World Obesity Federation.
Rita is also involved in other activities such as writing articles for journals related to nutrition, participating in health awareness campaigns to promote healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle for the prevention of several diseases.


Bachelor in Food Engineering from the University of Algarve, Portugal
Master in Dietetics from the University of Algarve, Portugal
Diabetes Educator from Imperial College London- Diabetes Centre in Abu Dhabi
Insulin pump certified by Medtronic Dubai, UAE
Insulin pump certified by Omnipod, Dubai UAE
SCOPE certified in Obesity by the World Obesity Federation

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