Mediclinic City Hospital and Comprehensive Cancer Centre has implemented strict measures to ensure the hospital remains Covid Free


  • All patients and visitors accessing the hospital through the Main Entrance will undergo a temperature check with a thermal camera and screening questions. Any patient with an abnormal temperature is quarantined pending further tests


  • All staff are temperature checked when entering the hospital
  • Any member of staff with an abnormal temperature is quarantined pending further tests


  • All patients coming to the main hospital outpatient department for appointments will enter the hospital through the Main Entrance or the lifts in the lobby and will be temperature checked by the thermal camera. The Security/Patient Administrator will ask screening questions and advise patients to sanitise their hands
  • All patient appointments are staggered to allow spacing in the waiting area and deep clean of the consultation rooms between patient


The Comprehensive Cancer Centre is located in the North Wing Building of the hospital and provides services for the most vulnerable patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy and dialysis.
To ensure complete safety for these groups of patients, additional specific control measures are in place:

  • All new patients tested for COVID tested prior to starting treatment
  • Everyone entering the building is screened through a thermal temperature check
  • Separate dedicated waiting areas for chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other patients
  • All staff who transit between the North Wing and main hospital building are subject to specific PPE protocols


  • All patients arriving at the Main Hospital (Building 37) for admission undergo a temperature check using a thermal camera. A The patient administrator will ask screening questions and patients will then be directed to the Admissions Office after hand hygiene
  • For Maternity patients, husband or nominated support person are allowed in the C-section theatre or labour ward with appropriate personal protective gear (PPE)
  • During the stay in the maternity unit, only one support person will be allowed to accompany the patient. This support person cannot be interchanged and must adhere to all hygiene protocols, frequent handwashing and wear a mask at all times
  • The same support person may stay with the patient in the Postnatal unit
  • In the NICU, only parents with babies admitted to the unit will be able to enter
  • For other units, two visitors per patient will be allowed during the entire duration of the patient’s stay at the hospital (names of visitors to be collected by the Admissions office when confirming via telephone call the elective admissions for the following day)


  • All lifts both in North Wing (Building 35) and the Main Hospital (Building 37) will only be able to operate to ground floor where staff/patients/visitors will follow the required precautionary checks
  • All lifts not for patient use will be access controlled


  • All patients entering the Emergency Department will have their temperature checked with a thermal camera if a patient is triaged and has respiratory symptoms, they will be advised to sanitise their hands and be directed to a quarantine area to undergo further tests. The patient will register at the reception counter (for respiratory symptoms patients)
  • All patients undergoing surgical procedures, dialysis patients and maternity patients going for delivery will be swabbed for COVID