Mediclinic at Home is a chronic disease management program developed by Mediclinic that brings together the best of virtual and physical healthcare in a seamless manner to offer you a customised treatment plan and provide you with integrated care from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Mediclinic at Home helps you to easily monitor and manage chronic conditions and empowers you to take control of your health. You will always be connected to our clinical team, who will monitor your health and provide you with support when needed to ensure better outcomes and wellbeing.

Mediclinic offers a wide range of services for your condition, both virtually and physically, based on medical necessity, which includes but is not limited to:


Mediclinic has worked together with Huma, to develop a dedicated to track and understand your health better. The information you provide via the app is private and secure, and is only sent to your care team, so they can better understand how you’re doing.

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How Mediclinic creates value to your care plan?

Mediclinic at Home creates value by building healthcare relationships between the patient and the care team through continuous engagement and timely follow ups.

Patients will have a dedicated care team committed to ensuring their needs are fulfilled. Our care team will look after patients’ comfort and perform tasks such as virtual nursing rounds, teleconsultations, appointment bookings and follow-ups. The care team will ensure that patients are well trained on using the medical devices and Mediclinic Huma app to enter their vital signs and symptoms. All the patients’ medications and necessary equipment are arranged by Mediclinic’s care team in agreement with the patients’ insurance and provided at home.

Our care team will monitor vitals and symptoms and intervene when necessary. Reminders will be set within the app to input readings and symptoms.

Mediclinic at home benefits

  • Early intervention: engaging promptly based on your clinical readings to prevent any complications
  • Convenience: receiving care from the comfort of your home or workplace
  • Improved and expanded access: access to healthcare services through primary care physicians and providing remote comprehensive services
  • Patient satisfaction: enhancing compliance to your care plan with regular follow ups
  • Better disease management and control: for better health outcomes and compliance
  • Quality care: utilising Mediclinic’s experienced care team as your point of access to the healthcare system following international best practices
  • Self-management: empowering you to increase your self-awareness about your condition and readings’ reference range to self-manage your chronic condition through a holistic approach (including diet and exercise)


Is my insurance paying for this service?

It depends on your insurance coverage. There are some services that would require a co-payment.

Will any payments have to be made at a later date?

Co-insurance/deductible may be applicable as per your policy at a later stage. 

For how long will I be enrolled in this programme?

This new programme is available only to select insured members for a duration of around six months in order to trial the service and gather user feedback regarding any improvements. After this duration, your insurance company will inform you about continuation and next steps. 

What is the Home Nurse Visit policy for this programme?

We offer nurse home visits based on the care plan as advised by your treating physician for your condition based on medical necessity and your care plan.

Do you offer medication home delivery services?

Yes, we prescribe medications within your treatment plan and arrange to deliver them to you. 

What should I do if the app is not working?

Please call us on 800 2022 so we can help you.

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Note: the program is not to be used for urgent care – please call 998 or visit your nearest emergency room should you require urgent medical attention.

*This service is available for high risk patients only
*This service availability is dependent on insurance coverage or it could be billed directly to the patient