A virtual primary care model provides a seamless avenue through which a patient can start their healthcare journey, including cases of acute care, chronic disease management, health maintenance, and healthy lifestyle management.

What is the Virtual Staff Clinic?

The Virtual Staff Clinic, an initiative for Mediclinic Middle East staff and their dependents who are part of the company’s health insurance scheme.   

The Virtual Staff Clinic is following a Primary Care Model – Whereby a Primary Care doctor acts as the first contact and main point of continuing care for patients within a healthcare system, and coordinates other specialist care as and when needed.  

  • This means that a patient is assessed and treated as far as clinically possible, by a primary care doctor.
  • ONLY complex cases will be referred to a secondary care doctor.

A virtual primary care model provides a seamless avenue through which a patient can start their healthcare journey, including cases of acute care, chronic disease management, health maintenance, and healthy lifestyle management.

How does the Virtual Staff Clinic benefit me and my family as a patient?

Who should know and use the Virtual Staff Clinic?

All staff and dependents using Mediclinic health insurance.

Due to prescriptions and sick leave issued in one emirate, not being recognised in another emirate:

  • Abu Dhabi patients can only have a teleconsultation with an Abu Dhabi Virtual Staff Clinic doctor.
  • Dubai patients can only have a teleconsultation with a Dubai Virtual Staff Clinic doctor.

How does it work?

Appointment bookings can be done through the following 3 ways:

Call 8002022

WhatsApp 0528002000

MyMediclinic24x7 app – there is a dedicated button on the main page “Virtual Clinic” listing the new Care Collaboration Centre doctors available for the VSC.

If a referral is made for an in-person consultation, how does it work?

If a patient has received a referral from the Virtual Staff Clinic Doctor, there will be a Referral Request placed in Bayanaty by the VSC Doctor.

  • If YES, the patient can proceed to clinic and see the doctor in-person.
  • If NO, patient needs to see Virtual Staff Clinic doctor via teleconsultation for assessment and care.

Preferably the VSC Doctor’s PA should book the referral appointment for the patient after the consultation, before the end of the day. Alternatively, the patient can call 80020222 to book the referral appointment through the Client Engagement Centre agents, who will then look for the referral request in the patient’s file on Bayanaty.

NOTE: The patient SHOULD NOT book a referral appointment via the MyMedcilnic24x7 app, it will not be considered as a referral.

Who are the Virtual Staff Clinic doctors?
The Virtual Staff Clinic doctors will include Family Medicine, GP, Paediatric and Internal Medicine doctors from all MCME clusters.
You can also book with the Care Collaboration Centre doctors, who are highly trained Family Medicine Consultants dedicated for teleconsultations. See the Virtual Clinic button on the MyMedilinc24x7 app.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Inclusions – cases to follow the Virtual Staff Clinic journey:

  • Eye conditions (excluding vision test needs – thus if your ophthalmology appointment is for new prescription glasses or contact lenses, you can see the Ophthalmologist directly).
  • Any requirement to see a doctor, other than the exclusions listed below.
  • Chronic disease management including stable psychiatry (if patient prefers), Diabetes, etc.
  • Paediatric cases and internal medicine.

Exclusions – cases which do not follow the Virtual Staff Clinic journey:

  • Emergency cases
  • Dental
  • New/Follow-up antenatal/pregnancy care.
  • Existing oncology/dialysis/procedural/pre-operation appointments
  • Post treatment follow ups e.g. after a series of physiotherapy sessions, or stitch removal after a procedure.
  • All Vaccination appointments, including Covid-19 vaccinations.
  • Cosmetic/non-clinically required procedures or any other non- insurance covered cases.
  • Eye tests for prescription glasses and contact lenses.
  • Controlled and semi controlled medication prescription refill – no teleconsultation, but need in-person consultation with VSC Family Medicine Consultant. Updated as of mid-March.
  • 0-5 year old paediatric patients – they can go directly to a Paediatrician for an in-person consultation or they can use the VSC. Updated as of July 2022
  • Doctors with MBBCH medical degrees and active medical licenses can use the VSC optionally from 1 November 2022. This DOES NOT INCLUDE pharmacists, dentists, physiotherapists etc. who do not have an MBBCH degree, nor does it include dependents of doctors.

**Note: Mental Health cases will be optional and based on patient preference. The Family Medicine Doctors in the Virtual Staff Clinic as well trained in assessing mental health, however should a patient wish to see a Psychiatrist specifically, the option is available.


Patient FAQ

  1. What do I do if I or my dependent have an urgent healthcare need??
    Proceed to your nearest Mediclinic Emergency Department. The emergency clinical team will follow an emergency triage protocol to determine if your case/condition needs emergency/urgent assistance.
  2. Can I go directly to see a primary care doctor in-person?
    No, all initial consultations with the Virtual Staff Clinic doctors should be via teleconsultation.

Doctors’ FAQ

  1. How is this different from normal teleconsultations:
    Clinically, the process will be the same, the only difference is that the patients will all be staff or their dependents.
  2. What happens if a staff member visits me in the clinic and asks to be consulted:
    The Front Office team will have to direct the staff member to the new Virtual Staff Clinic pathway to speak to a primary care doctor and get a referral if needed.
  3. Can I refer the patient to my clinic for further tests:
    Yes, if clinically indicated for the same condition. Referrals to primary care would be considered a follow up and to secondary care as a new consult.
  4. What if the patient already has an existing schedule of appointments with another physician, for example dialysis treatments, oncology treatments or antenatal care:
    For any ongoing appointments or follow-ups for dialysis treatment, oncology treatment, antenatal care, etc., should be pre-booked in Bayanaty by the treating physician at the time of the original appointment. The staff member can attend the facility without going through the Virtual Staff Clinic pathway.
  5. What if the patient needs to attend the facility for a procedure:
    For dental and other appointments for a physical procedure, the staff member can attend the facility without going through the Virtual Staff Clinic pathway.

What not to do

  • You cannot demand a referral from a Virtual Staff Clinic doctor.
  • You will not be allowed to shop around and have multiple Virtual Staff Clinic appointments until, you get a referral.
  • You cannot book a Virtual staff Clinic teleconsultation and at the same time a secondary care appointment.
  • You cannot book a Virtual Staff Clinic teleconsultation, and then walk-in to the doctor’s clinic for an in-person consultation.

Contact for any queries or questions

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email ASKHR@mediclinic.ae