The postnatal Pilates class is designed for women who want to strengthen the muscles that have been affected during pregnancy. The body goes through a lot of changes during this time and the class will help strengthen and tone your muscles, in particular the abdominals, increase your fitness and give you the opportunity to meet other mums and have fun! It’s a great class if you are worried about:

  • A separation in the stomach muscles postnatally (diastasis recti)
  • Weak pelvic floor muscles/urinary urgency or leakage
  • Back or neck pain from poor postures or  feeding your baby

Maria Harrop-Peel is a women’s health physiotherapist and a qualified Pilates Instructor with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI). She has been working with pre and postnatal mothers with various issues for over 15 years. She would love to reach out to more new mothers to help support them in a way that strengthens all the important muscles that are needed to cope with caring for a baby and toddler.
If you have any concerns about joining the class or have pain then a physiotherapy postnatal assessment may be something you want to consider first. Please speak to your gynaecologist for a referral or email

Every Tuesday, from 4.15pm to 5 15 pm
Mediclinic City Hospital, North Wing, Physio Gym
Price: AED 82 for one class | AED 200 for 4 classes
To register, email