On the 28th of October 2021, Mediclinic City Hospital achieved the ASA/AHA International Certification as a Comprehensive Stroke Center.

Dr Alessandro Terruzzi, Head of Neurology and Mediclinic Stroke Center is proud of the achievement and shares his appreciation with the team. “I am proud to say that we were the first Institution in the region, and the first Hospital outside the USA, to achieve this high standard. It has been a tremendous effort, made possible only thanks to the commitment, passion, dedication and outstanding professionalism of all the team working at City Hospital, from Nurses to Technicians, from Doctors to our Managers. Their combined efforts have achieved this great result.

Stroke is a fearsome enemy that can hit a person without warning.  Blocking an artery inside the brain with a clot, causing a paresis of half of the body, taking away speech or vision for prolonged periods, if not forever, if not promptly recognized and treated.

Now you know, that in a case where a stroke is suspected, you can rely on Mediclinic City Hospital Comprehensive Stroke Center for the most qualified medical care in Stroke management. It is a ‘state of the art facility’ that can provide all services, from Cath-lab Neuro-interventional procedures to Rehabilitation; leading and guiding the patient through the journey in this fight against stroke.

With the invaluable help of the Dubai City Ambulance Service (DCAS), we will continue to make this fight, together”