Joint replacement surgery success through enhanced recovery programme

The enhanced orthopaedic recovery programme or rapid recovery joint replacement programme is an evidence based approach/pathway that allows patients to recover faster after hip and knee surgery

Joint replacement surgery is the procedure where a joint such as the knee or hip is replaced with a new prosthesis. When a diseased joint affects the quality of life and no other treatment seems to alleviate the pain, joint replacement surgery is the ideal option. Most people fear that this surgery is life altering, however, and the trauma of surgery will impact their lives for a long time. With the enhanced recovery programme, such as the one at Mediclinic City Hospital’s orthopaedic department, the aim is to enable patients to return to their daily activities and function normally within the shortest possible time frame.

Mediclinic City Hospital’s enhanced orthopaedic recovery programme is a standard pathway to ensure that the patien’s overall health is optimised before the joint replacement surgery and receives the best possible care during and after surgery. The combination of assessment, education, a less invasive treatment modality and post-operative care and rehabilitation allows the patient to achieve full recovery faster.

The pathway is divided into three stages. The first stage is the pre-operative assessment and education/counselling of the patient which will also include information on diet and medication. In the second stage, which is joint replacement surgery itself, surgeons will employ less invasive techniques for joint replacement. At Mediclinic City Hospital we perform robotic surgery which ensures minimal blood loss, less trauma and quicker rehabilitation.  Following the surgery, the patient moves on to the final stage.  With no tubes or drains, patients are encouraged to move, eat, drink, wash, dress and socialise as soon as possible. This reduces the risk of muscle loss and blood clots and improves mobility. The orthopaedic and rehabilitation teams educate and assist the patient in preparing for their post discharge care, exercise and follow up, so that they can progress independently.  

At Mediclinic City Hospital, the enhanced orthopaedic recovery programme ensures joint replacement surgery achieves improved results with fewer complications with reduced pain and accelerated improved functionality, with a shorter stay in hospital. This programme is ideal for all patients who are suffering from knee and hip pain and require joint replacement surgery. The multidisciplinary team work with the patient to provide a bespoke and tailor made approach, allowing them to return to their better self, faster.  

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