Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer that affects men worldwide. Prostate cancer screening helps detecting prostate cancer at an early stage, before symptoms develop. This early detection may improve outcome (prognosis) and improve the chance of complete cure.

The screening is done via a Prostate Specific Antigen test (PSA). This is a blood test to see if you might have prostate cancer and to monitor treatment for prostate cancer.

Mediclinic offers prostate cancer screening for everyone eligible for this screening. Cancer screening is always offered to a specific group, based on international research and guidelines per type of cancer.

To check if you are able to proceed with prostate cancer screening, please answer the below questions before making an appointment:

  • Are you a male?
  • Are you 50 years and above?
  • Did you do prostate cancer screening (PSA test) in the last 12 months?

If the answer is Yes, then you are eligible for screening and you can proceed by making an appointment.

Please call 800 2033 to make an appointment.

Screening packages rates:

  • Prostate cancer screening - AED 225
  • Appointment with a Family Medicine physician in Mediclinic’s Virtual Clinic
  • PSA test

Screening selection criteria

For all males age 50 or above, prostate cancer screening should be offered.

The screening process

If you are eligible for prostate cancer screening (see information at the top of this webpage), then you make an appointment with one of the Family Medicine doctors in the Virtual Clinic. You can do this by calling 800 2033. We will quickly check your eligibility again before we schedule the actual appointment. You will receive a confirmation and payment link.

During the virtual consultation your Family Medicine Doctor will go through a questionnaire with you, answer any of your questions and proceed with ordering the PSA test for you at hospital of your choice.

The PSA test requires a blood sample. The Family Medicine doctor will order the test and you can visit the phlebotomy department in the hospital any time. You can inform the phlebotomy department that the test is ordered, they will be able to proceed based on this order. At the phlebotomy department a blood sample is drawn from a vein in your arm and analysed by our laboratory for PSA, a substance that's naturally produced by your prostate gland.

You will receive the result of the test within 15 working days (three weeks) from the date the PSA test was performed. The Family Medicine doctor from the Virtual Clinic will call you with the results.

What happens if the PSA test finds something?

For all abnormal results the Family Medicine doctor from the Virtual Clinic will refer you to see an urologist by booking a consultation as soon as possible.