Cervical cancer screening helps detecting abnormal cells and changes in your cervical cells that suggest cancer may develop in the future. Detecting these abnormalities at an early stage is a first step in stopping the possible development of cervical cancer and gives you a greater chance at a cure.

Mediclinic offers cervical cancer screening for everyone eligible for this screening. Cancer screening is always offered to a specific group, based on international research and guidelines per type of cancer.

To check if you are able to proceed with cervical cancer screening, please answer the below questions before making an appointment:

  • Are you female?
  • Are between 25-65 years old?
  • Did you have a Pap smear test in the last 12 months?

If the answer is Yes, then you are eligible for screening and you can proceed by making an appointment.

Please call 800 2033 to make an appointment.

Cervical Cancer Screening rate – AED 550 includes:

  • Teleconsultation with a specialist
  • Routine Pap smear test
  • HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) test

Screening selection criteria:

For all woman between the ages of 25 – 29 years old, cervical cancer screening should be offered every three years. Female in the ages of 30 – 65 years old should undergo screening every five years.

  • Women who have had subtotal hysterectomy (preserving the cervix) or hysterectomy due to cervical cancer or precancerous condition should continue to have cervical screening;
  • Screening recommendations remain the same regardless of whether or not they have received the HPV vaccination.

Women are excluded from screening if:

  • They have received a total hysterectomy for benign indications;
  • They are over 65 years (if the last three previous smears were negative).

The screening process

If you are eligible for cervical cancer screening (see information at the top of this webpage), then you make an appointment via the Call Centre number 800 2033. We will quickly check your eligibility again before we schedule the actual appointment. You can directly book a consultation with a female Family Medicine doctors in the hospital of your choice, you will then receive a confirmation and payment link.

During the consultation the doctor will perform a routine Pap smear test, where the doctor takes a sample of cells from the cervix to check for abnormalities.

You will receive the result of the test within three weeks (15 working days) from the date the Pap smear test was performed. The Family Medicine doctor will call you with the results.

What happens if the Pap smear test finds something?

For all abnormal results the Family Medicine doctor will refer you to see a gynaecologist by booking a consultation as soon as possible.