Haidar Kahtan Hamid Dr.

Arabic, English, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian

Core competencies

  • Orthopaedic surgery of knee, shoulder and wrist
  • Endo prosthetics of hip, knee, shoulder, and elbow. Also revision of prosthesis
  • Special surgery on osteoarthritis, of the spinal column on a lumbar and thoracic level
  • Readjustment osteotomy on thigh, lower leg and elbow
  • Conservative and surgical therapy on acute and chronic disorder or traumas
  • Amputations and wound treatment
  • Trauma surgeries and fracture treatment on extremities, pelvis and spinal column. 


Dr. Haidar has 16 years of experience in Orthopaedics with a training background from top medical colleges in Denmark. Dr. Hamid studied medicine at the College of Medicine and Surgery, Al Mustansiriya University, Baghdad. He moved to Denmark in 2003, and has worked as an orthopaedic surgeon since then. He has gained very wide experience in treatment of injuries and fractures as well as hip, knee and shoulder replacement and arthroscopy. He completed speciality training in surgery in 2012 at the University Hospital Aarhus, Denmark, and the regional hospital unit, Holstebro. He practised in Iraq for six years as an emergency doctor and was a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the regional hospital units Holstebro and Herning, Denmark.

He keeps updated on the latest techniques and technologies in the field, both in conservative and operative treatment of orthopaedic conditions, and has treated a wide spectrum of trauma and joint cases with minimally invasive procedures. He has performed up to 5000 arthroscopic operations of knee, shoulder and hip replacements in the last six years.



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