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Sammy I. Masri is the founder of Masri Sports Medicine & Wellness, with multiple clinical practices in the New York City metropolitan area, that is at the leading edge of the emerging field of Sports Medicine focused on regenerative and minimally invasive techniques and treatment options.

Dr. Sammy has expanded his practice to the UAE, a region that is underserved in non-surgical treatment options for patients with spine and joint injuries. He is the only licensed USA trained non-surgical Sports Medicine Consultant in the UAE.
Dr. Sammy began his career after completing his Sports Medicine fellowship training at Jersey Shore Medical Center. After completing his fellowship, he continued his training and became certified as an acupuncturist, MSK ultrasonographer and as a biodentical hormone replacement therapist. In 2007, Dr. Sammy focused on developing his skills in the field of Regenerative Medicine and the stimulation of the body’s own repair mechanisms to functionally heal previous injuries to the joints and spine. He has trained in treatments with PRP, stem cells, and has had the privilege of only a handful of physicians world-wide to be trained in the Regenokine Program, which includes a series of injections using the body’s own anti-inflammatory proteins to reduce pain, improve mobility and to help restore function.

Dr. Sammy moved to Dubai with his wife and three sons in 2018. He established Live Young Sports Medicine as his first clinic in Jumeirah. He soon went on to help expand Sports Medicine in a clinic on Palm Jumeirah. He continues to periodically travel to his clinics in the USA. This has enabled him to continue to learn new and innovative treatments in his field, which he then can provide to his patients in the UAE and MENA region. Currently, he is the only physician in the region to provide the Regenokine Program and TenexHealth Systems, a unique approach for treatment of tendon injuries throughout the body.
Dr. Sammy has treated many professional athletes, helping extend their sports careers using his Regenerative Medicine skills. He is the head physician for a mixed-martial arts group based in NJ with multiple UFC participants. He has appeared on the USA nationally broadcasted TV show ‘The Doctors’, a well-recognised podcast ‘Networkwise’ as well as a NYC region TV show and multiple print publications.

As a former semi-professional American football player, Dr. Sammy has committed himself to the philosophy that a sound mind and body are quintessential to success in the athletic arena.




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