At Mediclinic mutual trust and respect, teamwork and individual performance excellence is important to us. We believe in treating all people with empathy and respect and value the expertise, ideas, opinions and contributions of others. We make sure the working environment is safe and ensure everyone understands what is expected of them.

Even though we operate in a very structured clinical environment, we make time to focus on the overall wellness, both physical and mental, of all our employees.  We take ownership for outcomes and continuously improve and innovate our processes.  We welcome constructive feedback and encourage continuous learning and development.  We treat all our patients with the empathy, compassion and respect and place their needs at the centre of everything we do.

We accommodate flexible working conditions and employment models where operationally possible, which enable both mothers and fathers to combine their professional lives with their family responsibilities. We encourage our employees to actively look after their health and provide a wide range of options for maintaining or improving their physical and mental health.

Mediclinic Middle East employees can look forward to a large range of benefits, including affordable high-quality catering at our hospitals and clinics.  Uniforms are provided to employees and additional benefits include discounts for shopping and a variety of events and services.

We remunerate our employees in line with regional market standards and offer attractive social and fringe benefits. We also regularly conduct market comparisons in relation to salaries and conditions of employment.  We place high emphasis on fairness in the workplace and always consider job security for all as our top priority.