Huma is a Remote Patient Monitoring platform to support you in managing your chronic conditions and provides your care team with information on your progression. The information you provide via the app is private and secure, and is only sent to your care team, so they can better understand how you’re doing. 

The app allows your care team to make informed decisions about your care, so you can be followed up in a timely manner. Your care team will be able to engage with you virtually and physically when necessary, and continue to monitor you to make sure that your condition remains under control.


  1. Download the app: Search “Huma” on your App Store to download the app. If you have an Android phone download from Google Play Store and if you have an Apple iPhone download from the App Store, or click on the button below.
  2. Activate your account: Launch the app and click “Create your account.” You will then click on the link received from Huma to access the app. The link will be activated by your care team.
  3. Turn on push notifications: Please ensure you register with your full name when signing up. In your settings, allow the app to send you notifications, and allow it access to your phone’s microphone and camera.
  4. Complete your profile: After completing the initial questionnaire, log into the app, go to your profile and enter your date of birth, gender and Emirates ID number. Remember to then click the “Save” button in the top right corner. You’re now ready to use the app.

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