Mediclinic Precise is part of Mediclinic International, one of the world’s leading private healthcare companies with operations in Southern Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland, and a shareholding in Spire Healthcare in the UK.

In the UAE, all genetic testing is carried out using the very latest sequencing technology at our specially commissioned precision medicine laboratory at Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai.  Our multidisciplinary team of medical doctors, scientists, genetic counsellors and molecular geneticists offers support to healthcare professionals and their patients affected by or at risk of suffering from a genetic disease.

Mediclinic Precise can work directly with patients and also give guidance and support to healthcare professionals who may not be specialists in this area, enabling them to use of the capabilities of these emerging technologies to personalise the management of genetic disorders, cancers and other complex multifactorial disorders to the advantage of their patients.

How can we help you?

Comprehensive genetic testing

With comprehensive genetic testing, we can identify multiple risk factors that are disease related all at once, instead of analysing single gene risk factors.

Genetic counselling service

Our qualified genetic counsellors can offer you pre-and/or post-test support to help you understand the process, what the results mean, and how to move forwards once you have the results.   

Understanding risk factors and symptoms

We incorporate your health records, environmental factors and genetic data information to gain a clearer understanding of unfamiliar risk factors, whether you have a genetic reason for a particular condition you are suffering from, or an augmented genetic susceptibility to it.

Timely diagnosis

By conducting the tests locally in the UAE, Mediclinic Precise offers timely release of genetic results and fast diagnosis, which can provide peace of mind and help in early implementation of your management and treatment plan.

Clinical expertise

Our internationally experienced health professionals offer extensive clinical interpretation of your test results and can provide trusted recommendations for follow-up testing and medical management if required.

Why choose Mediclinic Precise?

Easy and actionable

Using AI-based approaches to analyse and interpret complex genomic data, we enable clinicians to deliver quicker, easier and more actionable treatment planning.

High quality

Our laboratory is CAP-accredited and offers accurate analysis of the highest quality allowing for robust variant detection.


Reports are personalised to each patient, integrating genetics, heredity, symptoms, medical history and environmental factors. This helps healthcare professionals to start treating their patients taking into account of their genetic idiosyncrasies.

Qualified team

Our services are rendered by highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the fields of medical genetics, molecular diagnostics, precision medicine, genomics, genetic counseling and bioinformatics.

Fast and accurate results

UAE-based state-of-the art technology provides accurate interpretation of results with minimal waiting time.

Genetic counsellor

Pre-and/or post-test genetic counselling can provide vital support as patients go through the process.

Secure and trusted partner

All patient data is kept confidential, safe and secure in accordance with all applicable local and global laws governing health data. As a London-listed international private healthcare provider, we are committed to protecting your information.

Dubai Healthcare City, Building 37 PO Box 505004, Dubai UAE