Mediclinic Al Ain Hospital Radiology Scope of Services

High quality, comprehensive diagnostic testing, offering the most advanced technical capabilities and modern facilities to eligible inpatients and outpatients.

Well-qualified, motivated, and customer-orientated staff who have all the required licenses to provide the following services:

  • General digital radiography
  • Fluoroscopy
  • DEXA scan - Bone density DEXA Scans are the gold standard to measure a patient’s bone mineral density. Our DEXA machine features the latest in technological development, which helps assess osteopenia, osteoporosis and risk of fracture. A DEXA scan will accurately measure a patient’s bone loss by using a low dose of x-ray and they are primarily performed on the spine and hip
  • Panorama
  • Digital mammography
  • Ultrasonography, advanced ultrasound machine technology
  • Interventional radiology, including image guided biopsies and drains.
  • CT scanning (160 slice) - high speed CT scanner provide superior diagnostic information for a broad range of medical conditions. Increased frame and transfer rates decrease a patient’s time on the table to only minutes and CT technology offers high quality images with the lowest possible radiation doses
  • MRI 3 Tesla  a state-of-the-art MRI scanner uses a magnetic field and computerised imaging software to obtain detailed pictures of internal organs, tissues and bones through the entire body

Furthermore, the scope of service covers:

  • Quality control, monitoring and evaluation
  • Voice recognition for reporting
  • Nursing services for patients in Medical Imaging Department
  • Copying images onto CD for external use
  • Continuing staff education
  • Peer Review.

Women’s Imaging Scope of Services

  • Screening and diagnostic breast imaging including (mammogram, breast ultrasound and breast MRI)
  • Breast intervention services including cyst aspiration, core biopsy
  • Hysterosalpingography