Shruthikaa Ramanathan Dr.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
English, Tamil, Basic Telugu and Hindi

Core competencies

• Holistic and comprehensive evaluation and clinical care for adults with stroke, brain injury including prolonged disorders of consciousness, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy and sports injuries
• Recommendations regarding enhancing the quality of care for individuals with rehabilitation needs and their families

• Musculoskeletal problems especially medical management of shoulder and knee and Intraarticular injections
• Neuropathic pain management
• Post Covid rehabilitation
• Concussion syndrome
• Seizure management post brain injury
• Cognitive issues, memory loss, mood disorders, tiredness (fatigue), sleep disorders, weakness of muscles and visual impairments, burning/shooting pain post brain and spinal cord injury (neuropathic pain)
• Acute stroke management and short- and long-term rehabilitation/lifestyle advice
• TIA management and further stroke prevention
• Hypertension, cholesterol management (secondary prevention)
• Medical management of stiffness of muscle post brain injury(spasticity) of the limbs and administration of Botulinum toxin injection under electrical or ultrasound guidance, for spasticity management
• Neurogenic bowel and bladder management post brain injury and spinal cord injury
• Salivary gland Botulinum toxin injections for excessive salivation
• Advice post brain injury and returning to work (vocational rehabilitation)
• Diagnostic and prognostic consultation post brain and spinal cord disease

Orthotic and prosthetic evaluation and recommendations


Dr Shruthikaa has completed her MRCP (London, UK), Board Certification (CCT) in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation from the UK and a Stroke Fellowship from Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK. She has also qualified from the European Society of Physical medicine and Rehabilitation.

She has worked as a consultant of rehabilitation medicine and stroke in both Norwich University Hospital and Colman Centre of Specialist Rehabilitation in the UK. She also has experience in giving expert opinion on private medicolegal cases related to head injury.

She has extensive involvement in teaching and research and has published various posters, publications throughout her career. She leads a skilled multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists, dieticians, nutrition specialists and rehabilitation nurses.


MBBS, MRCP (UK), CCT in Rehabilitation Medicine and Stroke medicine, ESPRM, Executive MBA in Human Resources and Hospital Management.


Practices at

  • Mediclinic City Hospital
    Consultant in Neurorehabilitation/MSK/Spinal injuries and Stroke
    In department Neurology and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Publications & videos

Events & lectures