Ms. AAC a 43 years old lady visited Dr. Imad Hashim, Consultant Neurosurgeon at Mediclinic City Hospital on 3rd of April 2021 with a history of neck pain & bilateral hands numbness for the last 5 years. She had previously had multiple treatments such as physiotherapy, Chiropractor, acupuncture & local pain injections but with no benefit.

A MRI of the cervical spine showed a disc prolapse at C4-5 & C 5-6 with forward bending of the neck (Kyphosis).

We treated her with anterior cervical Microdiscectomy & cage fusion which is a standard procedure using microsurgical technique. This procedure was done using the most updated, FDA approved date cage system, 3D printed titanium cages for the first time in the Middle East. These cages are superior to the Standard cages as it fits the anatomical disc space & it has a rapid Fusion time.

At Mediclinic City Hospital , we are proud to be on the forefront of using advanced and innovative solutions to have the best patient outcome. 

X ray after surgery
MRI before surgery