Mediclinic Middle East operates in a harsh climate with extreme temperatures and minimal sources of fresh water.  This makes it even more important for us to conserve the natural resources we have and mitigate the effects of our business on an already challenged environment.

Mediclinic Middle East’s environmental sustainability initiatives are focused on the following strategic objectives and actions:

Achieve carbon neutrality by 2030

  • Agreement entered with Emirates Water and Electricity Company in 2021 to purchase clean energy to power 100% of Mediclinic hospitals and clinics in Abu Dhabi
  • Replacement of existing transport fleet with initial purchase of nine hybrid vehicles in 2022
  • Implementation of smart building controls
  • Improvement in accuracy of data reporting to ensure any leaks are identified early
  • Installation of vertical axis wind turbines
  • Reclamation of fugitive gases
  • LED light fittings and movement sensors
  • Staff and patient educational initiatives to minimise excessive and wasteful use of energy

Zero waste to landfill by 2030

  • Applying waste management cycle - refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and comply
  • Replacement of all single use plastic bags in pharmacies etc. with biodegradable cassava bags
  • Removal of single use plastic cups from all Mediclinic facilities
  • Investigation of innovative technologies for medical waste sterilisation
  • Compaction of  domestic waste
  • Organic waste  composting
  • Improvement of recycling through introduction of new technologies
  • Recycling of cooking oil
  • Behaviour change and education on proper disposal of waste

Effective use and re-use of water resources

  • Introduction of centralised water filtration technology
  • Reduction in cistern water and automatic flushing
  • Condensation water from CSSD enclaves used for irrigation
  • Control sensors on taps
  • Installation of water-conserving shower heads

Alignment of international management with international best practices

  • Implementation of ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental management system
  • Introduction of sustainability award