We are delighted to inform you that the Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine is now available at select Mediclinic facilities in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.



The Dubai Health Authority currently manages all vaccinations in Dubai.  In order to book or change an appointment please download the DHA online appointment app from the App store or contact 800 DHA.

Abu Dhabi:

Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital
Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital
Mediclinic Al Mamora
Mediclinc Baniyas
Mediclinic Al Mussafah
Mediclinic Khalifa City

Al Dhafra:

Mediclinic Madinat Zayed 

Al Ain:

Mediclinic Al Ain Hospital
Mediclinic Al Jowhara Hospital
Mediclinic Al Yahar
Mediclinic Bawadi
Mediclinc Al Madar
Mediclinc Zakher 

Appointments are required and can be made by contacting the following number:

8002033 (Abu Dhabi/Al Ain)

Patient journey:

  • On arrival at the front desk, you will be asked to show your Emirates ID and Al Hosn application on your mobile phone (this is mandatory and is to ensure that you have not participated in a prior trial of the vaccine).
  • Our front desk staff will welcome you, register your details and direct you to the waiting area.
  • One of the clinicians will call you and check your blood pressure, pulse, temperature and your vital signs. They will also start the relevant documentation in your medical records.
    A new entry, specific to the Covid-19 vaccination, will be created and kept on file for your convenience.
  • You will then receive a consent form (two copies). You will keep one copy while the other will be stored in your medical records.
  • You will then be called to see the clinician who will assess your medical history and perform any relevant examination needed.  Please be aware that the Covid-19 vaccine is not suitable for all patients and some health conditions may prevent you from having it.
    Once your assessment is completed, the clinician will prescribe the Covid-19 vaccine for you and ask you to go back to the waiting area.
  • If you are a married female below 50 years of age, you will receive a urine dipstick test kit to complete a pregnancy test, after which a clinician will interpret/validate the result before proceeding with the vaccination.
  • The clinician will call you again and administer the vaccine via an intramuscular injection.
  • Before leaving the hospital, you will need to report back to the front desk; there, our staff will book your appointment for the second dose of the vaccine.

Frequently asked questions:

Who can take the vaccine?
All UAE nationals and UAE residents with a valid Emirates ID above the age of 50.

Who should not take the vaccine?

  • Pregnant and lactating women, and women planning to get pregnant within the next three months.
  • People with certain chronic diseases (based on evaluation of medical team)
  • Volunteers who participated in the vaccination clinical trials

Is there any cost?
No, the vaccination is given free of charge.

How many doses will be given?
You will receive two doses of the vaccine (3-4 weeks interval).

Is there anything that I need to be aware of?
Married women below the age of 50 will be asked to take a pregnancy test prior to receiving the vaccine.

Can I take the second dose in another hospital?
No, as directed by the regulator, if a vaccine service is started in one facility, it should be completed in the same facility.

Is it mandatory for us to test for Covid-19 before taking the vaccine?
No, a PCR test before the vaccination is not mandatory. The patient’s Covid-19 history will be taken into account however; please refer to the point on a patient with Covid-19 history.