To follow a healthy diet, you have to choose from a variety of foods within diferent food groups. After determining your dietary goals with your doctor or nutritionist, adjust the number and size of portions to reach your healthy body weight.


Meat, poultry, fish and shellfish

(up to 6 ounces/day)

Lean cuts of meat with fat trimmed, chicken and turkey without skin, fish
ShellfishPrime-grade fatty cuts of meat, goose, duck, sausage, bacon, regular luncheon meats, hot dogs and ofal

Dairy products

(2 or more servings/day; 3-4 for pregnant or breastfeeding women)

Skimmed milk, 1% fat milk, low fat buttermilk, evaporated skimmed milk, low-fat yoghurt, low-fat cottage cheese

2% fat milk, yoghurt, part-skimmed ricotta,

part-skimmed or imitation hard cheeses (like part-skimmed milk mozzarella), light cream cheese and light sour cream

Full cream milk, cream, imitation milk products, whipped cream, custard-style yoghurt, whole milk ricotta, hard cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, ice cream, sweets and desserts
EggsEggs whites, cholesterol-free egg substitutesEgg yolks (2/week) 

Fats and oils

(approx. 5-8 teaspoon/day)

Corn, olive, canola, sesame, soya bean and sunflower oils; margarine that has liquid vegetable oil as the first listed ingredient and < 2 grams of saturated fat/servingNuts, seeds, avocados, olives, peanut oilSaturated fat, butter, lard, bacon fat, coconut, palm and kernel oils

Breads, cereals, pasta, rice, dried peas and beans

(6 or more servings/day)

Wholemeal breads, wheat bagels, low-fat crackers, hot & cold bran cereals, spaghetti, macaroni noodles, dried peas and beansRice cakes and any grain rice

Croissants, sweet danish rolls, donuts and crackers made with saturated oils, granola type cereals made with saturated oils, egg noodles, pasta and rice prepared with cream, butter or cheese sauces,

store-bought pancakes, wafles, biscuits, muins and corn bread

Fruits and vegetables

(5 or more servings/day)

Fresh fruitFrozen or dried fruits and plain baked potato

Coconut, vegetables prepared in butter, cream or sauce and canned fruit in heavy syrup