Mediclinic can ensurespecific footwear requirements are met. Our goal is functional, fashionable and effective footwear. This may include the adjustment of existing footwear or the measurement, design, manufacturing and fitting of stylish custom orthopaedic shoes. Our solutions are matched to your requirements.

Adjustment to Mandatory Uniform-Required Footwear, Or Existing Shoes

Mediclinic has excellent relations with all the airline carriers to insure their ground and flight crews can firsthand experience this service. We have taken the lead to insure both dress and cabin shoes are adjusted and fitted to ensure maximum comfort. This service includes professional stretching. At times this includes specially fitted custom insoles to manage an array of foot problems, and to make sure the footwear is optimally supportive and incredible comfortable. We suggest airline employees discuss this option with their healthcare representatives or email for more information.

Other professionals can be assured of the same level of expertise.

Full Custom Footwear

Mediclinic Orthotic Services provides the highest quality custom=made footwear. In this instance the orthotist will have one of our experienced footwear designers specifically design shoe lasts to provide comfortable custom-made orthopedic footwear. We can guarantee style and comfort. Many people with foot abnormalities that struggle to find footwear opt for this service with exceptional results. We are able to duplicate most design’s requirements, and even provide additional biomechanical stabilisation properties when required. This service is particularly helpful for people who want a higher quality and fit shoe, or diabetics and those that are in the chronic recovery stage of Charcot disease.

An additional advantage of providing both cutting edge shoe manufacturing and modern orthotics is that at times these two speciailties need to be incorporated to ensure biomechanical solutions are attained. As with all our services, the patient can be rest assured they will receive the best possible care, and a quality of product unmatched in the region.

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