A large area of focus is providing specialised orthotic aids in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries in athletes. Custom made orthotics and braces improve function of injured or vulnerable body parts, correct deformities from injury, and facilitate good alignment by supporting the back, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Orthotic devices are also used as part of rehabilitative techniques to treat injured athletes after surgical reconstruction

These braces can be fitted from standard sizes or custom manufactured to ensure the exact functional goals are achieved. Our premium ankle and knee braces are manufactured in collaboration with Townsend are used by leading athletes internationally.

Custom foot orthotics improves foot posture and function during sporting activities, increasing athletes’ overall performance on the track and field. Our partnership with Sole supports means our athletes receive the same technology used by leading professional sports teams in the USA.

For a professional consultation please contact Mediclinic Orthotic Services on 04 555 9122 / 056 226 7104 or email mcme.oandp@mediclinic.ae.