With some figures estimating up to 1 in 5 people in the UAE suffer from diabetes, Mediclinic’s orthotic team is committed to serving this patient demographic. Together with the physician, the Mediclinic orthotist will design an orthotic programme to best meet their needs.

People with diabetes and particularly diabetic neuropathy need to pay special attention to the style and fit of the shoes they wear. Just as importantly, many of the foot-related issues and ulcers are as a result of external forces due to poor foot biomechanics. We strong recommend diabetics visit our orthotic clinic for a full biomechanical evaluation. We have found amazing results with our leading custom diabetic orthotic options, in tandem with existing foot management programmes.

Referral sources can be sure their diabetic patients will receive the best possible biomechanical options. In the event an offloading programme needs to be instituted, though we manufacture excellent Crow boots, we highly suggest total contact casting. Once the ulcer has healed, additional options can be reviewed.

Our diabetic care programmes include:

  • Comprehensive biomechanical assessment and orthotic/footwear suggestions
  • Custom footwear, boots and post Charcot management shoes
  • Modification of footwear
  • Off loading strategies including custom Crow boot manufacture, Vacudiaped, front and rear foot ulcer off loaders when indicated
  • Diabetic sandals, with or without inserts
  • Partial foot prosthetics, shoe fillers and high definition restoration
  • SAFO diabetic ankle braces

For more information on our services or to book an appointment, please contact mcme.oandp@mediclinic.ae