We offer a complete range of prosthetic care for both upper and lower limb loss, using the most appropriate solution for the client’s needs and achieving the highest level of functionality. The secret to this success is not just down to our highly skilled prosthetist. Mediclinic offers access to a full specialist multidisciplinary team who are all experienced in amputee care. The team further comprises physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Care is provided on an in- and outpatient basis.

All prosthetic patients know the basis of a successful result is a comfortable socket. Amputees can be assured our prosthetists have the experience, skill and technology to make sure this foundation of their care is achieved. All levels of amputation will benefit from the latest technology in anatomical socket design. Wearers will instantly feel a difference as our designs allow for increased stability, range of motion, energy efficiency, performance, comfort, control and that true “extension of my body” feeling.

Comfort is further maintained through the introduction of cutting edge skin socket interface techniques between the stump and socket walls. Making sure that goals are achieved requires special individualised attention. Your Mediclinic prosthetist will introduce the correct socket interface that suits your specific stump type, socket design and prosthetic requirements. This may include liners, flexible or custom silicone sockets or combinations of these. This will simultaneously maintain an adequate fit, reduce movement within the socket, reduce perspiration, skin irritation and breakdown, and support secure suction suspension.

Lower Limb Prosthetics

Amputees can be assured we are experienced in all of the leading high functioning prosthetic knees and feet. We have most advanced knee mechanisms ready for fitting and trial loan. Being a C-leg certified provider, this includes the C-leg, but further extends to knees from other leading manufacturers.

We use the full range of prosthetic feet including carbon fibre feet (blade runner type), shock absorbing feet, energy storing feet - whichever is most suitable for your needs. As with trial knee services, patients are able to first hand feel the difference with trial foot selections.

If the appearance is of high importance we are experts in high definition silicone covers that can be customised for your specific prosthetic needs. This is achieved without compromising knee and foot function.

Upper Limb Prosthetics

This specialised area of prosthetics requires experienced practitioners to ensure you achieve the best result. As well as mechanical functional prosthetics we provide myoelectric solutions. Though Mediclinic is a certified Otto Bock Myo and Dynamic arm treatment facility, our experience also extends to Steeper (Bebionic), Hosmer and Utah systems. These are important factors when considering your personalised prosthetic requirements. Your Mediclinic prosthetist will match your needs to the appropriate technology and techniques. Our team especially emphasises the need for early paediatric upper extremity prosthetic management, and are experts in this field.

As with lower extremity prosthetics, if the appearance is of high importance, we can offer high definition silicone covers that can be customised for your specific upper limb prosthetic needs. And again, this will be achieved without compromising hand or elbow mechanism function.

Mediclinic has designated Myoelectric hands and controls to use as part of their initial evaluations and training to help ensure the correct selections are made. Amputees are welcome to experience the benefits of this technology and ultimate body prosthetic integration of myoelectric technology.

High Definition Prosthetics

High definition silicone prosthetics are often classified as cosmetic, and non-functional. Mediclinic helps insurance and a third party payers to understand that cosmetics are an important part of an amputee’s daily functionality in society.

We successfully operate a high definition silicone clinic, treating not only patients from the UAE, but from across the Middle East, Africa and Europe. We can produce a wide range of silicone prosthetics for congenital or traumatic damaged limbs that blend seamlessly with the body. Our services cover a broad range of silicone products, including:

  • Silicone cosmetic covers for arms and legs that have been affected by trauma
  • Prosthetic covers for upper and lower limb functional prosthetics. Please see our lower limb solutions for amputees searching for superior cosmetics, and improved durability
  • Full or partial hands and feet
  • Individual digits
  • Silicone restoration of deformed or injured body parts
  • Specialised prosthetic and orthotic accessories, including silicone sockets

Partial Foot Prosthetics

Patients with mid metatarsal levels of amputation and further distal, mid foot to toe amputations are predominantly fitted with slipper-style prosthetics. This prosthetic has trim lines just below the ankles. Though these prosthetic types are highly cosmetic and functional, more active clients might be better suited for a SAFoot. Through our close international partnerships, Mediclinic can provide these specialised partial foot options, which come higher up the leg like a boot, recommended for mid metatarsal levels of amputation and further proximal, mid foot to ankle and Symes amputations.

These partial feet prosthetics can provide higher functional and cosmetic solutions within one device, and are fully functional. Often carbon plates are incorporated to ensure the same energy response functions are achieved from energy return carbon prosthetic feet. Paediatric patients and high active adults with heavy demands are particularly well managed with this type of technology.

For a professional consultation please contact Mediclinic Orthotic Services on 04 555 9122 / 056 226 7104 or email mcme.oandp@mediclinic.ae.