Getting pregnant is first and foremost a question of timing. Because women can conceive only in the days around ovulation. It is possible to get pregnant only if sperm and egg cells come together within a short timespan. Timing is therefore very important.


We would like to offer you the ovulation calculator, so that you can find the right time more easily. By entering some information about your menstruation, you can easily determine the best days for conception.

Please note: the ovulation calculator fertile days according to a general formula. It is not recommended that it be used as a contraceptive device.


This information is necessary for the calculation

First, you need to specify when the last day of your menstrual cycle was. Second, you need to specify how long your cycle lasts. Usually, we assume it is 28 days, extending over the timeframe from the first day of your period through to the day that your next menstruation begins. However, many women have an irregular cycle. As a result, the length of the cycle can fluctuate between 21 and 35 days. This is nothing to worry about as every woman’s internal clock ticks differently.

Calculating ovulation: