Once you and your partner have decided to have a child, you can ensure an optimum physical and psychological preparation for the pregnancy by familiarising yourselves with several rules and recommendations.

You should begin to take more care of your health before falling pregnant. A balanced and nutritious diet will provide the body with many essential vitamins and minerals you will need to support your pregnancy. It is particularly important to ensure that your diet contains sufficient quantities of folic acid, which substantially reduces the risk of innate malformations in the foetal spine and spinal marrow (neural tract malformations).

The principle sources of folic acid include leafy vegetables, potatoes, grains and liver. In addition, a special vitamin compound is generally recommended for pregnant women, containing folic acid and other micronutrients vital for the healthy development of your baby.

You are highly recommended to give up smoking before falling pregnant. Smoking has a harmful effect on both your own health and that of your unborn child. Moreover, smoking has a negative impact on the fertility of both men and women. The same is true of toxic substances used in the home or in the environment (solvents, pesticides, etc).

A balanced fitness programme should also be part of your preparations for pregnancy. Keeping fit and maintaining good circulation will help you to support the additional weight you will gain and help minimise the physical discomfort experienced during pregnancy.